A Father’s Love is the Greatest Love of All

An evergreen reflection I wrote two years ago. Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers and father figures out there!

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I hope you are able to celebrate Father’s Day today, honoring the mighty men and/or paternal figures in your life. My dad has been a trooper ever since I was very young, making so many sacrifices for me to succeed. He persisted to watch me transform into the beautiful, young woman I am today. But all too often, we say we love them yet we do not do anything to show how much we love them.

Which brings me to my next point. The relationship we have with our dads can be compared to our relationship with God, in that both know us through and through. Fully aware of our strengths and weaknesses, the Lord uses us as vessels to execute His mighty works. You may be thinking, “How and why would God choose me? There’s nothing special about me!” as you read this. The reality is it does not matter what social class you come from, or what college you choose to attend, or even what limiting beliefs you have. Jesus, when he became human, extended his love so that every person would experience it firsthand. Had he been the opposite, Christ would have alienated so many people that did not look, or talk, or live like him.

That is why your relationship with God is so important. God is love, acting as the glue holding you, Him, and your friends and family together. God is the breath of fresh air, relieving you from fear and anger due to the pandemic and racial injustice. God is the light in dark places, loving us holistically — yes, even the bad and ugly parts of ourselves we sweep under the rug. Why should we treat our fathers any differently?

If we stray too far from the foundation set for us, we run the risk of falling down the rabbit hole of wrongdoing. Nonetheless, just because we have made mistakes in our lives does not mean our dads stop loving us. We are fearfully and wonderfully made in their eyes; in other words, despite our flaws, we are created to be unique and deserve utmost respect.

I understand some people may not have a good relationship with their dad like I do, but I ask you today (and everyday going forward) to not just say you love them. Turn those words into concrete actions. It could be watching a movie on Disney Plus or Netflix with them. It could be cooking dinner one night out of the week or helping to wash the dishes. It could be writing them an inspirational message, or scheduling Zoom meetings to ask how they are doing. Whatever you end up doing, know that you are confirming all they have done for you is worth it to see you succeed in life. Believe me, they will greatly appreciate it!

Thank you for being you, and happy Father’s Day!

Avery Danae Writes




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Avery Danae (she/her/they/them)

Avery Danae (she/her/they/them)


Contributor for The Power of Poetry, Catholicism for the Modern World, and An Injustice. Writer of YA poems & essays: https://beacons.ai/averydanaewrites